First! Oh, wait.


Getting started with the SSIS .NET API:

I know what you’re thinking: why? Don’t you know about BIML? Or EzAPI? Both of these programs/libraries solve a lot of problems, and if they solve yours, great. The way I see it, there’s two reasons to look further:

  • I want to do more than BIML/EzAPI can do.
  • I want to understand how the API works. Remember, both BIML and EzAPI (and the SSIS Designer itself) use the API. Plus, maybe we want to write our own component some day.

In the following posts, I’ll be writing about working with SSIS programmatically. We’ll see how to work with the design libraries to create packages and populate them with components, or to read existing packages. We’ll look at the data flow component in particular and understand column lineages. But first…